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Brittni Wessling 
Speech Pathologist (On Break from Hub)

“One of my favourite things about my job is seeing the joy and confidence that arises (in both the child and their family) when they achieve one of their goals. I love being able to celebrate each one of their successes with them along their speech pathology journey.”

Child at Psychologist


  • Disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Speech and language delays/disorders

  • Literacy difficulties

  • Social skills

  • Early childhood stuttering


Brittni is the founder/director of Speechtrain Speech Pathology. She is a passionate Speech Pathologist, committed to supporting families on their speech pathology journey and providing high quality, evidence-based therapy to help children reach their potential.


Brittni has over ten years speech pathology experience and has worked across a number of different professional sectors, including: Private Practise, Disability Services and Queensland Health (Child, Youth and Family Health).


Brittni is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and holds a current Certified Practising Membership. Brittni is committed to ongoing professional development and holds certifications in a number of therapy programs/techniques, including:

  • Hanen – It Takes Two to Talk - Program for young children with language delays or who are late to talk and understand.

  • Hanen – More Than Words - Program for young children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • The Lidcombe Program - for early childhood stuttering (ages 2-6 years).

  • SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding for Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders

  • Sounds Write – Literacy Program for Linguistics and Phonics

Please contact Brittni directly at Speechtrain for information, appointments and fees.

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