Sarah Elphick
Lactation Consultant ~ Midwife ~ Educator

"I am passionate about supporting families with a personalised approach that is non-judgemental, compassionate and evidence-based, to enable you to make your own decisions on how to feed your baby with confidence."

Smiling Baby


  • Tongue tie assessment and referrals

  • Post tongue tie rehabilitation

  • Premature babies

  • Multiples

  • Insufficient glandular tissue/low supply

  • Food intolerances


Sarah is the founder of The Milky Days. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Midwife and Educator located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. She has worked with mothers and babies for over 13 years. Most importantly, she is a wife and proud mama of two amazing, breastfed children!

Sarah decided that she wanted to become a lactation consultant when she had a lot of trouble breastfeeding her eldest son and struggled to find the compassionate support she required. She wholeheartedly understands the impact breastfeeding issues can have on motherhood and will provide you with the compassionate support you need.