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Ange Bankier
Clinical Psychologist and
Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

"The perinatal phase can be a time of incredible growth, expansion and discovering new depths of our capacity and love.  It can also be a time of vulnerability as we navigate transitions, difficulties, uncertainty and changing relationship dynamics.  We may find our old ways of coping no longer serving us, as we feel our way in a new role and grow into the women and mothers we want to be. I believe that the support we have around us at this time in our lives can greatly enhance our ability to adapt, manage and thrive.  I feel honoured to walk alongside women and their families as they traverse this phase of life and all it brings"



  • Pregnancy, Birthing & Postpartum Support

  • Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling

  • Fear of Birth

  • Birth Debrief & Birth Trauma

  • Preparing for birth and parenthood after a previous loss, difficult birth or traumatic experience

  • Transitions to Parenthood 

  • Perinatal Anxiety and Depression 

  • Stress and Adjustment Difficulties

  • Perinatal Grief & Loss (Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Terminations and Neonatal Loss)

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Ange is an experienced endorsed Clinical Psychologist and following a background working as a psychologist in a hospital setting she first established her private practice in 2008.  Over the years Ange has worked with adults with a broad range of presenting concerns.  For a long time Ange has had a personal interest in all things birth, gentle parenting and transition to parenthood, and after the birth of her third child she felt called to pursue study in the field of birth and postpartum support.  She became a certified Doula and also completed training in providing birth education.  She is a currently practicing Birth and Postpartum Doula, a role which she adores.

She is excited to now be focussing her psychology work in the perinatal space, in alignment with her passion for maternal wellbeing.  She feels honoured to support women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and adjustment to parenthood, and all the ups and downs that can come with that journey. 

Ange draws upon a range of theoretical frameworks and modes of therapy to inform her work, and always with a foundation of holding a safe space for her clients to come as they are and feel able to share their experiences knowing they will be heard and met with warmth, openness and compassion.  Ange also holds an understanding that clients are not broken or in need of “fixing”. 

That they have the innate capacity to grow and heal and are the experts on themselves, but that we can all benefit from support and guidance at times to make sense of our experiences, better manage challenges that arise and in moving toward our values and goals.  Ange tailors her therapy approach to suit each client, drawing upon modalities including mindfulness-based approaches such as ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Compassion-focussed therapies, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and supportive counselling.  Ange is trained in providing Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling services.

Ange also believes in the importance of looking beyond the individual to considering how broader societal systems and cultural norms may be impacting their individual experience, and seeking to explore ways to support her clients to navigate these dynamics. 

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