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Women’s Sexual and Intimacy Difficulties

Many women experience difficulties with sexuality and intimacy, however, are reluctant to talk about it. We know that this is a difficult topic to discuss and that it has an impact on a woman physically, emotional, on her sense of sense and self-esteem, and can also impact her relationships.

Perinatal: Services

We provide psychological support for a range of common sexual and intimacy difficulties including:

  • Changes in intimacy with your partner following having a baby (reduced libido, reduced self-esteem related to changes in body, birth trauma impacts, and relationship changes- i.e. changes in emotional connection due to new roles and less time to connect)

  • Vaginismus: painful sex due to contraction of vaginal muscles. Sometimes psychological concerns can impact vaginismus in addition to physical concerns so we work closely with your team of medical professionals and physiotherapists to work on strategies to improve this.

  • Sexuality: we also provide psychological support to women who are feeling unsure about their sexuality, providing a safe space to explore this and the impact on their self-esteem, mental health and relationships.

Women’s Sexual and Intimacy Difficulties

Our psychologists and psychiatrist are able to provide psychological support through your life journey.

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