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Anthea Maher
Clinical Psychologist 

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"I am passionate about providing an environment that reflects values of authenticity, unconditional positive regard and respect, with a dash of humour. I understand that it is sometimes difficult to navigate the process of therapy, and my priority is to provide emotional safety so that sharing your story becomes easier."

Life coaching


  • Child and youth psychology (behavioural and emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety, neurodevelopmental concerns, self-esteem, and body image).

  • Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

  • Adult Therapy (depression & anxiety, stress, trauma and body image)

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Anthea is a Clinical Psychologist who attained Bachelor of Psych(Hons) and Master of Psych(Clin) at University of the Sunshine Coast. During her postgraduate training, Anthea published three peer-reviewed articles focusing on the relationship between core beliefs and factors related to body image in both men and women. 

Anthea has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and older adults across a number of settings such as hospitals, community, domestic violence refuge, cognitive assessments, and aged care facility. Specifically, she is passionate about supporting individuals who have experienced complex trauma, chronic mood difficulties, body image concerns, relationship and communication difficulties, and low self-worth. Additionally, she enjoys working with children and parents experiencing behavioural concerns, depression and anxiety, and neurodevelopmental concerns.

Anthea uses a number of therapeutic modalities to allow for individualised and collaborative treatment. These include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy (ST), Metacognitive Theory (MCT) and Attachment focussed frameworks. She works with individuals, as well as parents and families.

Anthea has completed training specifically related to treatment of attachment difficulties, complex trauma and personality disorders using Schema Therapy. She is currently working towards Schema Therapist accreditation.

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