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Teagan Gleeson
Exercise Physiologist ~ Clinical Pilates Instructor

“Teagan is passionate about supporting women in all phases of life to invest in their own health and exercise.” 

Prenatal Mediation


  • Pelvic floor weakness 

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Pre- and post-natal exercise 

  • Exercise for post-partum depression and anxiety 

  • Exercise for PCOS and endometriosis


Teagan works for Adaptive Bodies Allied health as an Exercise Physiologist to help people realise they have the control and tools to manage their own health. She is passionate about the use of exercise as medicine, particularly for women in all phases of life. Teagan loves to support women in getting stronger to do all that they want to (and need to). 

She is also a Clinical Pilates Instructor and finds this a great tool to improve pelvic floor and core strength while also increasing body awareness. Exercises are individualised to each person and their unique needs and capabilities. She believes in making exercise accessible to all women. 

Teagan can help with: 
-    Weak pelvic floor 
-    Over-active pelvic floor 
-    Hip and low back pain 
-    Incontinence 
-    Pelvic organ prolapse 
-    Safe exercise during and after pregnancy 
-    Exercise support for women athletes 

A session with Teagan will involve speaking about health and exercise history, current concerns and goals. She will use this information to develop and take you through an exercise program that you will be able to complete independently. She will listen to your concerns and work through a plan that works for you in the long term. 

For more information and booking appointments with Teagan please contact Adaptive Bodies Allied Health directly.

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